Lifted by Water (Razor’s Edge Chronicles Book 3) by Celine Jeanjean #NewRelease

If I tell you I have magic, you’re probably going to expect all kinds of impressive displays, like fireballs and moving things with my mind.

Yeah, I still can’t do that. That’s why I’m a barber to the supernatural rather than any kind of magical badass. And now that the supernaturals have come out in public, things are getting seriously interesting.

Especially when one of my regulars goes missing. I’m never one to stand on the sidelines when a friend’s in trouble, so of course I go looking for him. You’d be amazed how quickly I can get in over my head. And given my weak magic, it’s definitely not a comfortable position.

Please note that this is book 3 of a continuous series. The author recommends that you start with book 1, Touched by Magic.

My Review

There are two parallel threads in this episode of Apiya’s story. One is her confusion over whether to seek out her birth mother. She is very close to her adoptive parents, she is nervous about what she might discover and yet she would like to know why she has been “touched” by magic. The main narrative is yet another dangerous adventure when once again she tries to go solo to find a missing friend. As you might expect she will find herself involved once more with the charismatic Sarroch. Is there a hint of romance or are they connected by her unknown parentage? 

This continuing story set on an exotic Asian island populated by a mixture of ordinary Mundanes and magical Mayaks yet set in a technologically advanced society still intrigues and offers more revelations in future novels.

Lifted by Water on Amazon UK

My review of Touched by Magic

Celine Jeanjean is a nomadic writer who roams the world laptop in hand, having adventures and then telling stories inspired by those adventures. Kind of like a digital storytelling wanderer.  Her stories feature complex but flawed characters, lots of quirkiness, snappy banter, and richly imagined worlds.  If you’re ready to escape to new worlds and make new book friends, go to to grab yourself some exclusive, free novellas.

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