Miss Wetherham’s Wedding by Linore Rose Burkard #TuesdayBookBlog #NewRelease

Every step she takes to ensure his happiness is a nail in the coffin of her own.

Miss Wetherham, a matchmaker, must agree to the devious plan of a society rogue before she finds herself destitute. Helping him gain back his lost love will protect her independence and survival. But can any amount of money protect her guileless heart from falling for his charms?

Nick Dellacort is determined to restore his pride and gain back the bride he lost. Miss Wetherham is the woman able to help him do it and he’ll make it worth her while. But once he sets the devilish wheels in motion, can he persuade her to abandon the scheme and choose instead a scoundrel like him for a wedding of her own?

My Review

This charming novel takes into the best salons in Regency London where high born ladies find their future husbands. Miss Wetherham, however, made a love match, marrying her childhood sweetheart. But early in their marriage he was killed in the diamond mine which was to ensure their fortune. Now, an almost penniless widow, Lettie arranges matches for young women who need help. Never before has she received a request to extract a lady from the person she has chosen, but this time she is offered a substantial sum and is assured that it is in the interest of everyone involved. Her client, Nick Dellacort, has a reputation as a heartbreaker and he seems determined to organise her life and fortune. Trying hard to resist she finds herself drawn into his plot and falling for his charms even though he cares for another woman.

The story is fast moving and Lettie is an endearing character, still faithful to her husband’s memory. She tries to do the best for everyone. Does Nick deserve her loyalty?  The authentic period feel, gorgeous costume descriptions and mixture of characters make this an enjoyable read.

Miss Wetherham’s Wedding will be released on Amazon UK on April 12th 2021

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