The Rising Rooks by Celine Jeanjean #NewRelease #BookReview

The Rising Rooks, the Rookery rebels, are mounting an attack against Garrata that they hope will destabilise her enough to weaken her grip on Damsport.

But not only does the mission fail, its failure causes a rift between the Rising Rooks and the rest of Damsport.

Rory and Longinus find themselves retreating to the Rookery without support from the rest of the city and without resources. They’ll have to use all their ingenuity and inimitable style to somehow get to Garrata.

Whether it’s cutting Rory’s hair, robbing a post office, or creating dastardly poisons, Rory and Longinus fight with everything they’ve got.

Will they succeed, or will they fail to free Damsport? If they go down, at least they’ll be going down in style…

My Review

The Rising Rooks continues to describe the precarious situation in Damsport which had started in The Veiled War. The Marchioness is still held captive by old enemy, Garrata, but Rory and her friends intend to disarm the explosives beneath the city’s foundations. Of course, nothing is ever straight forward and Raif is unimpressed when his father turns up intending to take over the battle.

Despite such dangerous events, the budding romance between the elegant Longinus and coffee-shop owner Susie makes slow progress. Even Adelma begins to allow someone new into her life. It is good to read the continued banter and disagreement between Rory and Longinus and there is a revealing development about Rory’s parentage.

This book completes the tales of the Viper and the Urchin which I have enjoyed enormously. The range of vivid characters are engaging and despite the steampunk setting they are genuine. I would love to meet Rory and the handsome, Raif. I might be nervous of Longinus but it would be great to peek into his exotic wardrobe.

I can highly recommend Book One, The Bloodless Assassin, so that you can follow this thrilling series and I am hoping that there will still be some further developments for Rory in the future.

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