Death by Fountain by Jennifer S Alderson #TuesdayBookBlog Travel Can be Murder:5

Rome—the city of churches, marble, … and murder? For one American tourist, a famous fountain will become her final resting place.

Wedding bells are ringing, and Lana Hansen could not be happier! Wanderlust Tours guide Randy Wright and his Italian girlfriend are tying the knot in Tuscany, right after he and Lana finish leading a Christmas-themed tour around Rome.

Unfortunately for Randy, his ex-girlfriend is still convinced they are meant to be together. When she shows up at his hotel, they have a nasty fight, and Randy threatens to harm her if she doesn’t leave him be.

After her body is found in the Trevi Fountain, Randy is immediately arrested. Lana is convinced he didn’t do it, yet none of her other guests seemed to have wished the young women ill.

With a shortage of suspects, Lana must dig deep in order to sleuth out who really killed Randy’s ex-girlfriend—before his visit to the Eternal City becomes permanent.

My Review

If you fancy a tour of Rome describing the best features, this is the book for you. Lana is the best guide, aware of the features to highlight but allowing for her group’s interests. It’s nearly Christmas and this should be an enjoyable tour since the group is made up of the best friends of her fellow guide, Randy, but there is friction amongst the members and one uninvited guest ruins the break for everyone.

As Randy is about to tie the knot with his lovely fiancé Gloria, his old flame, Rachel arrives to make trouble. When Rachel is discovered dead, video evidence from a hotel security camera seems to incriminate Randy but Lana believes that one of his friends might be the murderer. Her investigations reveal motives for most of the party but no solid evidence. She and Randy’s brother, Alex, are persistent so hopefully they may save the day.

Another enjoyable read from this popular series of murders round the world!

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