The Veiled War: The Viper and the Urchin Book 8 by Celine Jeanjean #NewRelease

Adelma is out of action

The Varanguards are suspended

And Longinus is going on a blind date

Things are taking a turn for the disturbing in Damsport

In the eighth book of this exotic steampunk series our five friends have returned to their hometown of Damsport. To really appreciate the humour and pathos of this thrilling tale you really need to have read the earlier novels in the series. In The Veiled War we view the changing situation through the eyes of each character in turn. Rory, no longer a street urchin, is a self-assured young woman determined to protect her friends in her former homeland of the Rookery. She and Rafe, the Varanguard have still to resolve their problems from their Arnian venture but Rafe continues to conceal his past. Longinus, “the laconic assassin,” is at his well-groomed best, suited in military style to impress a mysterious date made by a matchmaking service. Meanwhile Cruikshank struggles to control Adelma, whose drinking is sending her in a downward spiral.

But they are all shaken out of their own concerns by suspicious actions at the Mansion. The Marchioness has refused to see anyone and her decrees are out of character. Gradually the friends realise that Damsport is threatened from within and soon even the children are in danger. In a dramatic story full of twists and turns, no-one can be relied upon, but heroism wins through. The comradeship and understanding of these damaged but single-minded individuals saves the day, at least for now.

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My Review of the first book in the series The Viper and the Urchin

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4 thoughts on “The Veiled War: The Viper and the Urchin Book 8 by Celine Jeanjean #NewRelease

  1. Oh, my goodness, I’m at least two behind now. The first ones came out quite slowly then she speeded up her output. From your review it sounds like they are every bit as good as the early ones, though.


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