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Having discovered when I read Scotch on the Rocks what a talented writer Lizzie Lamb is, I was happy to begin reading about Dr Henriette Bruar, the Girl in the Castle.  Leaving behind a disastrous event at St Guthlac’s University, which has ruined her academic reputation, Henri is travelling to a remote Highland castle to catalogue and value the Laird’s books and begin writing her thesis on the Highland clearances.

But Henri is not welcomed.  Almost abandoned by the side of the loch in the gathering Autumn dusk by Lachlan, a small old retainer who wants no “wee lassie going over” to the castle, it appears that even Alice Dougal, the housekeeper wants her to leave the next day.  But the Laird, Sir Malcolm MacKenzie is hoping she will find valuable books to restore his dwindling funds and Henri is determined to prove her worth.  Unfortunately, she makes a bad impression on Keir, the handsome son and heir, who believes she is one of his father’s lady-friends.

As Henriette becomes accepted as part of the unhappy household, she begins to bring light into their sad lives, never recovered from a tragedy during Keir’s childhood.  But when she meets Ciorstaidh, Keir’s cousin, she is told in no uncertain terms that Keir is already promised to her.

But like Lizzie’s other books this is a complex story of magic, mystery and fascinating history.  An exciting team game of shinty is described in detail and on October 31st, the Celtic customs of Samhain are re-enacted.  The social repercussions of arranged marriages and debt and the need for an heir and a spare make fascinating reading, contrasting with the beliefs of a 21st century woman.

This convincing romance, beginning in conflict and distrust, is set in stunning scenery which comes to life through Henri’s experiences and Keir’s enthusiasm for his birthright.   A great read!

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10 thoughts on “Girl in the Castle by Lizzie Lamb #BookReview #Scotland #Highlands

  1. Many thanks for this lovely review, Liz. I love incorporating history into my contemporary romances and one of these days (who knows) I might go the ‘whole hog’ and write a historical novel. I have lots of favourite genres/periods/authors to draw inspiration from. I had great fun researching the shinty match and Celtic customs. I am very lucky in that I have a couple of Gaelic speaking friends who help me with romantic sayings and so on. My favourite being: Is to an solas na mo bheatha – you are the light of my life. And, of course, if I run out of inspiration I can always watch Outlander again.

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  2. Reblogged this on New Romantics Press and commented:
    💥Review #49 for Girl in the Castle, this time via Liz Lloyd. I hope it tempts you to download the novel and that you love it as much as she did.💟

    Keep reading and reviewing folks. It really helps a writer, especially Indie writers like New Romantics Press.

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  3. I am a great fan of Lizzie’s novels, and I definitely recommend you read the others if you haven’t, you’re in for top stories and amazing characters. I am looking forward to read book number 5! I hope it’ll be published soon 🙂

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    1. Hi Jan, thank you for your comments. I strive to make each book the best it can be to repay the support shown to me by my readers. Your support is very special to me.


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