Vision Boards for Beginners by Shelley Wilson #TuesdayBookBlog


I don’t normally choose self-help books but I know Shelley is an excellent writer and motivational coach, so I decided to download Vision Boards for Beginners because the idea appealed to me. I have always had pin boards displaying pictures I like (usually old birthday cards) from my days in student residence to my present kitchen boards. I also love collecting images and quotes on Pinterest, but I had never thought of using them for motivation.

This short, clearly explained book is exactly what I was looking for. There are ideas for themed boards for specific targets or for general boards expressing your aims in life. Shelley encourages sharing your board with family and friends since it expresses your resolution to improve your life. So now I have a purpose for the next week which I am really looking forward to.

In addition, I enjoyed Vision Boards so much that I immediately downloaded Meditation for Beginners also in Shelley’s Wellbeing Workshop series.


Shelley’s author page on Amazon

And her inspiring Motivational page

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