Anywhere the Wind Blows by Jenny Lloyd


In this third book of the Megan Jones Trilogy, once again we find Megan in danger, due to the evil acts of others.  She should be making a new start at Wild Water, with brother, Morgan nearby and even Branwen on her side, but there is suggestion that Eli’s suicide might have been murder and either Morgan or Megan the assailant.


It is harvest time, but Megan’s labourers abandon her so she must seek new workers at the hiring fire.  Meanwhile we have met a new character, Cai Traherne, a psychic with an equally tragic past.  As he takes over as farm manager, will he be able to prevent further sadness befalling Megan?  Branwen now wants to be Megan’s friend, but is too late for that?


Written in the words of these three pivotal characters, the reader is drawn into the unfolding drama, hoping that Cai might yet prove to be a guardian angel, even though dreadful deeds, secrets and lies surround them.  Against the backdrop of the beautiful Welsh countryside which Megan loves, a thrilling tale is told.

You can read my review of Jenny Lloyd’s earlier book The Calling of the Raven here and you can see Leap the Wild Water at Amazon UK

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