Food and Folklore, A Year of Italian Festivals by Lisa M Vogele

Food & Folklore

Food and Folklore by Lisa M Vogele, A year of Italian Festivals, is a travel guide with a difference. It explores the regions of Italy via the many festivals that are held throughout the country. In each region there is a festival during most months throughout the year and sometimes several during summer.

How often have you visited an area to discover that you have just missed a delicious food festival or a fascinating celebration of folklore? In this book Lisa helps you to plan your vacation so that you arrive at the best time, know where to obtain tickets and learn far more about the people of the region.

Ideally, since this a small black and white paperback to carry, you should link to the website

where beautiful photographs illustrate many of the festivals from the book.
I have yet to use this book in Italy, but I am already applying its techniques, in collecting posters about Portuguese festivals on my Pinterest board, for my regular visits to the Algarve.


Lisa Vogele is an Italophile, festival-lover, and travel-addict. Her blog “Lisa Loves to Travel” has been created to share her love of festivals with fellow travelers and enthusiasts. Originally from Connecticut, she and her husband Mark call Colorado home. She loves hearing suggestions, recommendations, and experiences around festival travel. She can be reached at or follow her on Twitter @travelwithlisa. The “Food & Folklore” series is published by Lisa’s Travel Guides and highlights food, fun, and festivals to help others go local as a traveler, not a tourist. For information about forthcoming books in the series or assistance with incorporating festivals into your travel check out:

You can purchase Food and Folklore from Amazon UK or Amazon US


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