The Magic Touch by Kelly Florentia

The magic

Despite its mystical title, The Magic Touch is very much set in the present day.  With text messages, Facebook and games of Candy Crush as essential tools in the storyline, it is easy for the modern reader to identify with creative heroine, 39-year-old Emma King and her long-term partner Harry.


Emma is a very likeable character.  She has become an essential part of Harry’s large Greek family, she gives her 93-year-old neighbour, Alistair, practical and emotional support and she loves Harry, deeply.  But there are mistakes and misunderstandings.  After a previous marriage in which Emma was abused, she is reluctant to commit to another wedding, so once again she has refused Harry’s request.  Now, he seems cooler and he is receiving texts from a female colleague.


At first I found all the characters in Harry’s family rather overwhelming, but soon there were twists and turns in the plot and the hint of magic was a welcome touch of humour and hope.  Emma’s previous marriage problems are described in a frank and realistic account and her relationship with Alistair is touching.  The story’s ending is uplifting after two convincing twists in the tale.  An enjoyable summer read.

Kelly Florentia

Kelly Florentia was born and bred in north London, where she continues to live with her husband Joe. Her debut novel The Magic Touch was released on 24th March 2016. Her second novel Broken will be published on 20th August 2016.

Kelly has always enjoyed writing and was a bit of a poet when she was younger. Before writing her first novel, she wrote short stories for women’s magazines. To Tell A Tale Or Two… is a collection of her short tales. Kelly is currently working on her third novel.

You can visit her website at:

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