Siren by Celina Grace #bookreview


Siren is the newly published 9th book in the Kate Redman Mystery series, written by Celina Grace, and is only the second I have read, but that doesn’t matter a jot. On the first page of Chapter One we soon get to know Detective Sergeant Kate Redman and learn about her friendship with Detective Inspector Mark Olbeck, who is in the early stages of adopting a child with his partner Jeff. Kate is prepared to work long hours, as her boyfriend, Tin, is in New York and she hasn’t seen him for three months.

The prologue has introduced an intriguing murder scene and soon Kate and Mark are summoned there by their boss, Detective Chief Inspector Anderton. Kate is surprised, when Anderton asks her to accompany him to interview the victim’s wife. It is soon evident that Simon Farraday, who has been murdered, had antagonised many people and liked to indulge in sexual fantasies. As the complex plot unwinds, Kate finds herself drawn to Anderton, although she is about to visit Tin in New York.

The balance between determining who might be the murderer and Kate’s dilemma about leaving her home and job to settle in New York, keep the reader guessing and you can’t help empathising with Kate’s problems. The unpleasant smell and sight of the murder scene is as vividly described as the beautiful garden of the Farraday home and the characters’ emotions are realistic. A great read, which certainly makes me want to seek out Kate’s earlier cases.


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