#AtoZChallenge Letter J

ivy-capital-letter-j   is for Jemima Puddleduck

Jemima is an Aylesbury duck.  Her book, published in 1908 was written by Beatrix Potter.


The story closely parallels the original Perrault story of Red Riding Hood.  In this case, the wolf is replaced with the “whiskered gentleman,” a fox whom Jemima naively trusts.

Beatrix Potter first wrote illustrated letters to the 8 children of her governess/companion Annie Moore.  Annie suggested she should publish them, but in the meantime Beatrix and her brother self-published Christmas cards of her drawings from nature.  In 1890 she was asked to illustrate verses in a Book about Benjamin Bunny and other books soon followed.  Jemima Puddleduck, the first of the stories of Beatrix Potter to be set on a farm, became very popular.  It included Kep, the collie, saving the day.


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