#AtoZChallenge Letter H

Fancy_Letter_H_(4)    is for Haiku and Haiga

You probably already know that Haiku is a form of Japanese verse containing 17 syllables.  These are usually divided into three lines of 5 -7 -5 syllables.  There is often a seasonal theme.  They are a way of looking at the world and capturing a moment.

The veil of the sky,

night spangled with stars, tree-snagged,

frays at the edges.

Jane Dougherty


Haiga is the combination of Haiku and painting.  Traditionally the words were in brush calligraphy.


A Little Cuckoo across a hydrangea by Yosa Buson (1716-1784)

Nowadays you can find digital art haiku or photo haiku.

Geraldine Hartman has written the following poems.




Adelaide B. Shaw has produced this haiga


and the following Found Haiku from perusing Thomas Hardy’s Wessex novels.



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10 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge Letter H

  1. Lovely post. Sorry, if I’m being a little dim, but is a “found haiku” an example of writing that has perhaps originally been written as prose, but a beady-eyed literary person spots that it works as a haiku? If so, that’s brilliant, and a totally new concept to me.


  2. This explains more to me about what exactly a haiku is, than anything else I’ve read!! I too love the ‘found haiku’ concept 🙂


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