Best Seller by Terry Tyler



What is it, that engenders the desire and energy to write fiction?  That is the question which underlies the plot of Best Seller by Terry Tyler.  Three young women are writing and publishing novels.  They have become acquainted through the North Norfolk Novelists, either online or in person.  But the outcome of their efforts varies greatly.


Stunningly attractive, Eden Taylor has hit the big time, Becky Hunter has made steady sales from her light romances but not enough to give up the day job, while Jan Chilver writes to escape her sad, lonely life.  Can they support each other and enhance all their careers or will jealousy and the desire for fame and fortune get in the way?


The plot of this novella is very intriguing and the conclusion keeps the reader’s imagination active.  It seems as though success as an author may come at a high cost to personal happiness.  The story is told clearly and simply as it unwinds, but the questions of why do we write and why do we select a book to read are the underlying subtext.


For fans of Terry’s previous books, this story includes the expected amusing, manipulative, minor characters who make the book both real and such a pleasure to read.  For me, it’s a Best Seller.

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