This fun feature is a mini workshop invented by Rosie Amber. We look at book covers just from their thumbnail pictures at online selling book sites and make quick fire buying decisions. We look from a READERS Point of View and this exercise is very EYE OPENING.

To join in with the #FridayFiveChallenge please read the rules at the bottom of the page. 

cat coff

My choice today was brought to my attention by a retweet which Olga posted yesterday.

Match Me US

I love hearts, especially fabric ones and pink and grey go so well together.  The cover works perfectly with the title so let’s look on Amazon.  But what a surprise, the cover on AmazonUK is different.


The UK version is like so many other books and boring.  The tagline What if Mr Right is just a click away?  is so hackneyed.  On the US edition Ever thought about recycling your Ex? is at least amusing.  Perhaps I live in the wrong country?

So what is the storyline?

Ever thought about recycling your Ex?
Best friends Catherine, Rachel & Sarah are fun, smart, successful and single – just like millions of women with a low tolerance for idiocy in their dates.
Mr. Right hasn’t turned up yet, and Mr. Right-Now isn’t worth booking a wax appointment for. So when Catherine, London’s finest matchmaker, gets Rachel and Sarah to join her dating site where they can recycle their ex-boyfriends in exchange for an upgrade, they soon realize that anything could happen . . .
Three best friends, proving that sometimes it really isn’t you… it’s him.

A book about three women once again, but with a touch of humour.  The 8 reviewers have given an average 4.7 stars but the comments aren’t encouraging.

Switch off your critical faculties for this one as the unbelievability quotient is high, but it is a fast and fun easy rom-com read for when you need utterly mindless entertainment.

A perfect read for someone stuck in bed with flu and needing a dose of pure escapism and entertainment. I’m not too sure how believable the plot’s premise that ex couples would join a dating agency together is, though it does serve well to introduce some of the characters more thoroughly.  One to suspend disbelief and simply enjoy.

So shall I BUY or will I PASS?

The kindle version is only £1.99 but this book is not for me so I will PASS but I’d love to have the pink and grey heart so if I was in an airport in the US I might have bought it.

What have others chosen this week?

Rosie is trying to move out of her comfort Zone by looking at Sci-Fi


Cathy is dashing through the snow


Shelley has found a funny touching story on the theme of radio


So now it’s your turn.

Get yourself a cuppa and give yourself 5 minutes.

In today’s online shopping age, readers often base their buying decisions from small postage stamp size book covers (Thumb-nails), a quick glance at the book description and the review. How much time do they really spend making that buying decision?

AUTHORS – You often only have seconds to get a reader to buy your book, is your book cover and book bio up to it?

Rosie’s Friday Five Challenge is this….. IN ONLY FIVE MINUTES….

1) Go to any online book supplier.

2) Randomly choose a category.

3) Speed through the book covers, choose one which has instantly appeal.

4) Read the book Bio/ Description for this book, and any other details.

5) If there are reviews, check out a couple,

6) Make an instant decision, would you BUY or PASS?


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8 thoughts on “#FridayFiveChallenge

  1. Oh I LOVE the US book cover I want to go all touchy feely with it, much prefer the US version, a BUY from me, it sounds like a fun read. Come on UK designers where do you get your market research done?


  2. I love the US cover too. It’s so annoying when the UK cover is different, and as you say, usually the worst one. A PASS from me this time, I’ve several romcoms waiting in the wings 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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