Home for Christmas by Jan Ruth

Home 4 Xmas

I’ve been getting myself into the Christmas mood by reading three fairly long short stories by Jan Ruth on the theme of Home for Christmas.  Each story is set in Snowdonia but there are three very different story styles.

Rudolph the Brown-nosed Reindeer describes an occasion everyone hates – a corporate weekend, part team building, part appraisal and part social. Rick, a reserved, hard-working man in his 30s is facing a lonely Christmas and he is not sure whether being stranded in a cottage in Snowdonia in bad weather will improve his mood or not. The story is a mixture of humour and pathos with an unexpected ending.

Jim’s Christmas Carol has a more complex plot.  Life catches up with an unfaithful husband in the setting of Christmas dinner at his large comfortable home.  Good and evil are present in his home and we see the situation from more than one viewpoint.  Tarot cards, Satan and a guardian angel all play a part.

The last, and my favourite story, really is Home for Christmas for Philippa. Worn out by her pretence of a successful career and relationship she has returned to her home village for peace to take stock.  This is a romantic comedy in a delightful setting which I will not spoil by writing any more.

A great book to download and read over Christmas.

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  1. Hi, I just recently followed you via The Old Reader, and I’m enjoying your book reviews/recommendations. I just downloaded this book and I look forward to reading it! Thank you!

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