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Since I took a more active part on Twitter in 2013 and more especially after I joined Rosie Amber’s Book Review team in 2014 I have discovered several tremendously rewarding authors, almost all Indie writers.  You have probably already read their books, but just in case you haven’t yet discovered them:-

Jan Ruth  Jan Ruth

Jan Ruth lives in Snowdonia, North Wales, UK.

This ancient, romantic landscape is a perfect setting for Jan’s fiction, or simply day-dreaming in the heather. Jan writes contemporary stories about people, with a good smattering of humour, drama, dogs and horses.


Jan’s realistic characters and emotionally charged storylines are difficult to put down so I’m tempted to buy the following collection as a present for someone (probably me!)

Home 4 Xmas

Terry Tyler


Terry lives in the north of England with her husband, and has published eleven books on Amazon. Readers say she has created her own genre, which lies somewhere in the area of contemporary drama and romantic suspense, with the occasional bit of rock fiction and mystery thrown in.

“I usually write contemporary fiction, mostly of interest to women, but many men have read them too; “Dream On” has had more reviews from men than from women. I write about the issues that concern so many today; divorce, infidelity, addiction, obsession with celebrity, stalking, meeting people via social networking sites.”


Recently Terry has used the Tudor and Plantagenet families for the structure of her stories although they are set in modern times.

Readers are now looking forward to reading the follow up to House of York.

Carol Hedges  


Carol Hedges writes Victorian crime fiction in her own inimitable style. You are transported into the life of Victorian London, be it middle class parlour or the murky streets by the Thames, peopled with larger than life characters whose exploits you have to follow.

I have devoured all three of these volumes and I’m now eager to read the fourth tale of Detective Inspector Stride and Detective Sergeant Cully.  In the meantime, I’m tempted to try her very different YA book, Jigsaw Pieces.


Jenny Lloyd


Jenny Lloyd is the indie author of “Leap the Wild Water,” a novel set in early 19th century Wales.  A tale of treachery, betrayal, family secrets, and moral dilemmas, “Leap the Wild Water” is set amid the brooding, mountainous landscapes of 19th century, rural Wales. It is a story about the conflict between a brother and sister struggling to survive in a community where, if you are a woman, to err is unforgivable and the freedom to carve a life of one’s own seems an impossible dream.

“If you visit Wales, I’m that crazy Welsh woman seen wandering about the Welsh mountains in all weathers with a notebook in hand. The landscape here is little changed from the era in which I like to write and it features in my writing.  The inspirations for my writing come from the real life struggles of rural people, especially women, in the 19th century, and events in my own family’s history. The themes I write about include the pressures which drive people to act against their consciences; what it really means to be free; and how fear and prejudice destroy man’s humanity.”

leap_the_wild_water_cover_for_kindle1       Raven

Both these powerful novels are well worth reading.

I shall write about some of the other authors I have discovered in the last 18 months, soon.

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13 thoughts on “#Authors to Follow

  1. Interestingly, I discovered those authors on your blog and other review sites such as Rosie Amber’s. I’ve read a few and have several on my TBR pile. Jenny Lloyd is new to me but if you are recommending her, that’s good enough for me.


  2. Thanks so much, Liz. What a lovely surprise – and that’s the first time I’ve seen those three book covers all together like that, thank you! xxx


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