The House of York by Terry Tyler

York house

This impressive saga of the three sons of York is seen through the eyes of several participants in the story. First we meet Lisa, a single parent from an ordinary family, who is swept off her feet by the charismatic Elias York and soon she has become part of the vast York business empire including his convivial brother, Gabriel and Richard, the secretive, inscrutable youngest sibling.


As each of the brothers enter matrimony, the complex plot builds, with threads of discontent and conspiracy disturbing the serene happiness that Lisa had discovered.  The next generation are born, awaiting their inheritance, but there is an underlying sense of impending disaster.


Although based on the chief exponents of the War of the Roses, this novel is very much a tale of modern times, of ambitions sought and happiness thwarted.  Covering the years 1993 to 2014, we see the changing fashions in restaurants and bars, the problems of families during those years and especially how women react when their relationships break down.


What makes Terry Tyler’s latest novel so compelling is the promise of a dramatic conclusion.  Tiny hints are there but the final twist will take your breath away.

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