Thicker than Water by Georgia Rose


Thicker than Water is the final book in The Grayson Trilogy by Georgia Rose.  It draws together the romance and dramatic events of the first two books in a revealing denouement where Emma Grayson discovers the truth about her past, in a terrifying situation.

Although not as long as the preceding books Thicker than Water contains scenes of passion and deep emotion.  We fear for the continued happiness of Emma and her husband Trent as they deliberately put themselves into great danger.  Will the teamwork and training of others on the Estate be sufficient to save them?

All three books of this series have a different structure and focus, making it impossible to categorise them as purely romance or action-thriller.  We come to understand Emma deeply and share her feelings and emotions as she opens up to others and allows herself to love again.  I was slightly disappointed that this book ended fairly quickly and then I found the rewarding extra which was added at the end. NB Please don’t look at this first!

Georgia’s writing is a breath of fresh air.  She has grown with each new novel and she is not afraid to experiment with her approach.  In Thicker than Water the writing is frank and explicit, so that as a reader you become completely involved in each crucial event.  Although A Single Step and Before the Dawn can be read in isolation, this final novel needs your commitment as a reader to the back story and that commitment is well rewarded.

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