The Rock by Robert Daws


I was drawn to this fast moving detective story, by actor and writer Robert Daws, because it reminded me of the old house in Gibraltar where my parents lived many years ago, but it will appeal to anyone who enjoys trying to solve a murder mystery alongside a bold heroine.

Detective Sergeant Tamara Sullivan has been seconded from the Metropolitan Police force in London to what she imagines will be a quiet, rather boring time working in Gibraltar, but she soon finds that despite the relaxed attitude of some of her colleagues, serious crimes are being committed within Gibraltar’s narrow streets.


Tamara is a well-drawn character whom we soon get to know but her boss Chief Inspector Broderick is more of an enigma.  Robert Daws obviously knows the rock intimately so we soon feel ourselves familiar with the geography of the setting.

This is not a long novel but all the ingredients are present for an enjoyable read, trying to solve the crimes a step before the detectives.  Tamara’s independent and slightly reckless behaviour may lead her into trouble again which increases the suspense effectively.

I am looking forward to the next investigation by Sullivan and Broderick which is promised this year.

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