Full Circle by Terry Tyler

Dream On

“Full Circle” is the sequel to Terry Tyler’s “Dream On”, following the lives of a group of friends from East Anglia who dreamed of making it big in the music world.  But “Full Circle” can be read as a stand-alone novel as the background story of the main characters is incorporated seamlessly into the text.

What makes this book stand out is the characterisation.  As a reader I felt I really knew Ariel Swan, the attractive, talented song writer/singer who was not the arrogant, proud girl you might expect but a kind, honest individual with regrets about past decisions, trying at the age of 32 to start her life again while sleeping on a friend’s bed-settee and working as a waitress in south London.

Meanwhile in a small East Anglian town, Ariel’s first love, Dave, lead singer of rock group, Thor, is living with Isabel and their daughter Mia, regretting that he ever left his partner Janice and their much loved son, Harley.  His group are finding success again, but he misses his mate and former Thor member, Shane, who now sings with a Bon Jovi tribute band and lives with Cecilia and daughter Chloe.

Three years earlier Janice had thrown Dave out of the house when he reunited with Ariel but they maintained a good relationship as parents of Harley and Janice had married her boss Max.  It is easy to warm to Janice, who shows sympathy towards Dave and understanding for Ariel and she is now experiencing marriage problems.

Into the mix it is refreshing to encounter Melodie, one time finalist of TV show, Raw Talent, whose main aim in life had been to become a “celebrity”.  She certainly reached the D list but unfortunately homemade pornographic videos of her appeared on the internet and after a brief interlude of notoriety she was dropped by the media.  Luckily she had met millionaire property developer Nathan Ford and was now living in luxury in a Berkshire mansion but she was bored rigid!

“Full Circle” is about relationships, meeting new people, remembering past loves and working on present partnerships.  There are twists and turns, misunderstanding and exciting revelations.  Ariel’s mysterious new boyfriend Silas is really intriguing and Shane’s meeting with Dave promises fireworks.  It reflects all the concerns of the present day; of hopes and aspirations and the desire for a happy life with the person you love.

For a refreshing, surprising, yet comforting read about real, empathetic people with a delightful sprinkling of humour, I would highly recommend this 5 star novel.

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