Holding Back by Helen Pollard

Costa Verde

It should have been instant attraction for Laura when she met tall, suntanned Daniel Stone at Porto airport but they both behaved rudely over a misunderstanding involving luggage and seeing him arrive at the hotel she was helping to run, was not good news.

Every year, language teacher Laura used part of her summer holiday to help out at Quinta Maria, a country Hotel in the Costa Verde region of northern Portugal.  While her friends Rachel and Paulo visited family in England, Laura helped Paulo’s mother to run the hotel.  But who was this evasive man, who wore suits while on holiday and asked so many questions?

 viana do castelo Costa verde

Despite many disagreements, Laura and Daniel find themselves drawn together.  We see the situation through both their perspectives and we enjoy the beautiful countryside and beaches of the Viana do Castelo area via Helen Pollard’s vivid descriptions.

Both Laura and Daniel are likeable but frustrating characters.  Kind and considerate to others, they demonstrate the classic refusal to admit their feelings for each other, knowing that their personal circumstances are too complicated.

I read this book while staying in southern Portugal and wanted to jump in the car and head north to explore the setting of the story.  A really enjoyable holiday romance with depth and credibility.

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7 thoughts on “Holding Back by Helen Pollard

  1. I too very much enjoyed the characters in Holding Back, as well as Helen Pollard’s writing style and the wonderful setting she paints in the novel. It’s a lovely romance!

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