The Case of the Bullets at the Ballet by C S Boag

C S Boag

Rainbow is a Private Eye based in Sydney.  In retro “pulp fiction” style, C S Boag takes the reader on a hectic, dangerous journey, the clues piling up but the solution elusive.  In this fourth book about Rainbow, his daughter, Imogene, has gone missing leaving hints which lead him to Paris via a succession of mysterious deaths.  Accompanied by Hélène Damnation, a “sloe-eyed” attractive blonde who is probably not to be trusted, he travels under an assumed name, shadowed by members of a crime syndicate.  They search for a male ballet dancer from the Ukraine and a mysterious French man who according to Rainbow’s estranged wife is “the perfect man.”

Everyone is suspect.  Rainbow’s Aunt Rube had warned him, “You’ll keep coming across familiar faces.  It doesn’t mean you’re being followed.  They’re just people on the same journey,” but why do the old Australian couple Harold and Madge keep turning up when dramatic events take place such as a death in the Louvre?

Without giving anything else away, the plot is complex and full of action.  Rainbow is brave but also has a wry sense of humour.  It took me a while to get used to the writing style but the adventure is an enjoyable read, peopled with fascinating characters.

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