Musing Monday


I was lucky enough to find a great bargain in my local Oxfam bookshop. It was a book I wanted but hadn’t bought because it was quite expensive but now I own a copy of Spitalfields Life by the Gentle Author. Some of you may be familiar with the website in which the Gentle Author writes about the people and the buildings in Spitalfields in the heart of London. This book contains some of those stories and photos and is a delight to dip into when you want to curl up with a book rather than sit in front of a computer. The remarkable people, the customs and the history of the area are preserved in print before they are forgotten. Now I just need to save up for The Gentle Author’s London Album as I don’t think I am going to find that in the Oxfam shop in a hurry.


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Love history, reading, researching and writing. Articles published in My Family History and other genealogy magazines.

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